Monday, 7 February 2011


I can't even look at it now, but i remember clearly that there was a time, when lavender meant my life. The sweet and almost palpable smell of the lavender field in Mitcham in Surrey stuck to my senses like my shadow. It was not always that. A shadow. It used to be the light for a long time before we started: the endless purple and green fields in the sun. Our life revolved around these two colors and our minds were filled by the knowledge Le Comte has left behind. Healing the body, healing the soul. With beauty and harmony. Lavender was harmony.We possessed the key. The method. We knew how.
I don't remember, when this story of friends, tradition and good-will started to change into something neither of us knew anymore: friends into competition, tradition to cliché, good-will into a good tagline, harmony into business. And John Potter into the person i am today.